Life on the Frontline

Life on the Frontline

 Information & where to find resources:

As a church, we followed a 6-part journey together in autumn 2021, using the 'Life on the Frontline' resources from LICC.  This is a course that aims to equip whole-life disciples and has involved two main elements:

1) At church on Sundays, a series of messages linked in with the material provided for the course.

2) In small groups of various sizes or as individuals, we worked through the 'Life on the Frontline' booklet.  Together with the video clip shown in the linked Sunday service (see video links below), this was used to help facilitate discussion and for making notes.


 'Life on the Frontline' video links from 2021 services:

'Life on the Frontline 1: The Frontline Call' (from Sunday 19th September)

'Life on the Frontline 2: The Frontline Commission' (from Sunday 26th September)

'Life on the Frontline 3: The Frontline Community' (from Sunday 10th October)

'Life on the Frontline 4: The Frontline Concern' (from Sunday 17th October)

'Life on the Frontline 5: The Frontline Cry' (from Sunday 24th October)

'Life on the Frontline 6: The Frontline Commitment' (from Sunday 31st October)

 'Life on the Frontline' booklets:

If you missed some or all of the series and don't yet have a booklet, feel free to contact the church office to ask for a copy.  You can also access the booklet online at the following webpage:

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