Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections


  Daily reflections based on those from 

  the Northumbrian Office (Celtic Christianity)

  from our pastor Brian White.


Click on the date desired.


This week

Monday 3rd August

Tuesday 4th August

Wednesday 5th August

Thursday 6th August

Friday 7th August

Saturday 8th August


Last week (Week 11)

Monday 27th July

Tuesday 28th July

Wednesday 29th July

Thursday 30th July

Friday 31st July

Saturday 1st August


Week 10

Monday 20th July

Tuesday 21st July

Wednesday 22nd July

Thursday 23rd July

Friday 24th July

Saturday 25th July


Week 9

Monday 13th July

Tuesday 14th July

Wednesday 15th July

Thursday 16th July

Friday 17th July

Saturday 18th July


Week 8

Monday 6th July

Tuesday 7th July

Wednesday 8th July

Thursday 9th July

Friday 10th July

Saturday 11th July


Week 7

Monday 29th June

Tuesday 30th June

Wednesday 1st July

Thursday 2nd July

Friday 3rd July

Saturday 4th July


Week 6

Monday 22nd June

Tuesday 23rd June

Wednesday 24th June

Thursday 25th June

Friday 26th June

Saturday 27th June


Week 5

Monday 15th June

Tuesday 16th June

Wednesday 17th June

Thursday 18th June

Friday 19th June

Saturday 20th June


Week 4

Monday 8th June

Tuesday 9th June

Wednesday 10th June

Thursday 11th June

Friday 12th June

Saturday 13th June


Week 3

Monday 1st June

Tuesday 2nd June

Wednesday 3rd June

Thursday 4th June

Friday 5th June

Saturday 6th June


Week 2

Monday 25th May

Tuesday 26th May

Wednesday 27th May

Thursday 28th May

Friday 29th May


Week 1

Tuesday 19th May

Wednesday 20th May

Thursday 21st May

Friday 22nd May

Saturday 23rd May

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