Testimony of Mrs EW

Emmanuel : God with us! 

Surely the most amazing words ever heard!

Some years ago, Northamptonshire was gripped by a severe winter; deep snow and freezing temperatures were apparent everywhere!  
My husband, "D", was due to preach in a little country Church that was impossible to reach by road because of snow drifts. We decided to travel by train.
The journey was long and slow but eventually we arrived at the relevant station. Clad in thick boots and waterproof coats, we slipped and slithered along the pathway. We were so glad to eventually reach the Church ; whereupon we received a hearty welcome and a warming cup of tea.  After singing a few rousing hymns, the inclement  weather had lost any significance.  
"D" kept the sermon short! 
Bidding farewell to kind friends who graciously wished to offer hospitality we began the uphill climb to the station.
The snow swirled around us as keeping our heads down we tried to protect ourselves from the ever increasing storm.  Thankfully at last the lights of the  small station became visible.  The entrance hall reminded us of toy town!  It was narrow and the only sign of life was the cheerful booking office where the ticket clerk was comfortably arranged by a gas fire; he was enjoying a mug of tea whilst reading a newspaper. He didn't appear to notice us.
We were dismayed to read on a large blackboard the disconcerting news that the train would be forty five  minutes late due to the weather.  Feeling sure there would be a waiting room on the platform we descended the icy steps. Indeed there was a waiting room with plastic seats but unfortunately it only had three sides! Realising this was far worse than the minuscule entrance hall we hurried up the steps and then spent a long time walking to and fro from the blackboard to the booking office; and all the while the booking clerk was enjoying his paper, mug of tea and comforting fire. 
Miserable, frozen and shivering we longed for the train to arrive!  A bleak, dark passage way close by the blackboard and  partly obscured from our view seemed perhaps to lead to a storage area; we determined it could only be better than our present situation. "D" decided to explore it! I urged him to glide his hands along the wall and step carefully, not knowing what he might be walking into! 
I shall never forget the light that flooded the passage as my husband pushed open the heavy door or his voice calling, " come on, there is a coal fire!" We spent the remaining minutes enjoying the unbelievable comfort of the waiting room. A blazing coal fire resplendent with a huge brightly burning log was bliss to be extremely grateful for! 
We wondered why the gentleman luxuriating in the warmth of his office didn't tell  us that a few yards away the waiting room offered all the comforting shelter that we sorely needed. The blackboard was covering the sign: Waiting Room. 
As Christmas draws nearer, we rejoice in the wonder of Emmanuel!  God with us!  How thankful we are to know that our sins are forgiven because The Lord Jesus was willing to become our Saviour. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Guide. And Almighty God is our Father. 
How blessed we are! 
May we never become so cosy in our homes with our family that we fail to reach out to those who know nothing of the warmth and comforting peace of receiving The Lord Jesus as Saviour and Friend.
Emmanuel, God with us!    Truly Amazing Grace. Ï

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